Thursday, April 14, 2011


      Breast cancer is a sensitive subject matter.  We found this out when we approached our subjects for an interview. People were reluctant to speak on that subject.  Therefore, as a group we decided to explore another topic. We chose the elderly population.
       In the past the elderly were known to be full of wisdom and looked at as the keepers of information.  The elderly were always asked for advice in life because of the experiences they had survived.  These days, the elderly are not seen as important, they are seen as helpless and forgotten.

      We spoke to a named Al Mcquitty.  He is 87 years old and still very healthy.
1.  Was it your decision to live in a retirement community?  He replied,

"Of course.  At the time in 2008 the down turn in the economy took a tool on the family and the family life and the financial status involving the family.  To cut expenses."

2.  What was the main reason you moved in to the community?  He said,

"In 2005 my wife of 25 years had separated and later divorced. After the divorce out two children and I moved into a condominium along about the same time I was involved in the stalk market with substantial funds. Prior to my moving to the retirement community, the stalk market went into a major down turn. This caused a major loss to my income. Therefore, I had to reduce expenses to match my income."

3. Since you moved in, have you accomplished any goals? He replied,

"I'm still alive. And I have cleaned up some old expenses."

4. Have you seen a positive side to things since you've been here?

"Yes. I've been able to live within my budget and not cause any financial problems I can't handle."

5. Are the other residents here nice?

"This facility is a non-profit organization and therefore, they have to have a certain amount of unstable people. However, that portion is relatively small and most people are very nice."

6. Since the food is prepared for you 3 times a day, is their cooking good?

"Because inflantion causes food expenses to rise, this factor has had a detrimental effect on the quality of the food being served. Therefore, the food has been down grated to a certain amount."

7. Do you plant to ever move out?
"I would perfer to live like I did before I got divorced. Being with family and doing family events.

8. Do you have any regrets?

"Yes. Investing a lot of money into the stalk market."

9. Do you have any advice?

"Yes. My advice to the younger generation is to not get involved with credit, especially credit cards because it can cause debt. It can also cause an undo amount of expenses. A good thing to think about is to save at least 10% of all earnings. This will allow the younger generation to build up a cushion for any financial down turns in the economy.